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What is The Blast! Ministry?

Our agency is located in Warsaw and was founded by Daniel Górny, who has been working in the music industry for 14 years as a producer and audio engineer. His experience has led him to establish the right contacts with well-known record labels, publishers, artists and managers, which is why we at The Blast! Ministry offer individually developed plans for your promotion. Daniel has created this agency driven by passion, so quality in everything is the top priority here, starting from the equipment and finishing with professional employees who know their work very well and are constantly developing in the sphere.


Now you know a little about us, we can’t wait to learn more about you. Check out the information below to better understand what exactly we can do for you and your career. And if it "clicks" with you deep down, don't wait. Shoot us a message, and let's see what you've got!

Step 1. We help you to professionally prepare your song and create a suitable, stylish design.

Preparing great audio is still not the end of the journey. Don’t forget about creating great visuals and an original cover for your upcoming release. Our designers will provide you with the best ideas suitable for your own ambitions and will work with you until you are satisfied with the final artwork. We can also supply you with any promo videos for your social media and promotional purposes. If you decide to go even further and make an official music video, we offer professional conditions, equipment, and videographers who will shore up an outstanding creation to fully fit your needs.

Producing a good track based on exciting sounds and good lyrics is, of course, crucial. But it's still not enough if you don't focus on a professional outcome and finishing touches. The song should be engaging from the first listen. Here's where you can't do without professional mixing and mastering. You probably hear those opinions like "the track is pretty nice, but it feels like it didn’t reach its potential." That is why we offer audio engineering services, so you can stop worrying about how your newest single sounds. In The Blast! Ministry, we can help you with all the processes of preparing and finalizing your recording. Our experienced staff can help you to improve even the smallest details in your song so that you’ll catch not only the attention of the listeners but also of the record label A&Rs and managers.

Step 2. We help you to promote your track or album.

Step 3. We create and manage successful marketing campaigns on the internet.

Once you create a professional-sounding track, you'll definitely want it to be heard by a wide audience. It's often the hardest part of releasing your music, as these days we need to pay attention to many platforms that people listen to music from. Our goal is to bring you the best possibilities and cover all the necessary aspects that will make sure your song will stand out from the crowd. The TBM trademark is well-recognized and respected on the market, as we are dedicated to each artist and always work hard to deliver the best results. Our skilled marketing specialists know all the most effective methods and use tools that guarantee the biggest exposure on media like Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube, and many more. We do our best to grow your audience and make your song rock across the many charts. Our reliability has been built on our personal experiences as artists. We've all been there. We’ve gone through this from the start. We’ve made mistakes - which we’ve learned from. Now we're creating a straight path for the musicians to avoid all of these and find a straight shot to the main goal!

The main thing is to understand your music well, which is why our team is always ready to go that extra mile to make sure we will highlight all its strengths. Once we understand you and your style, we’ll know which marketing strategies and tactics are the best to promote your release. We distinguish your potential audience and find keys to providing your music to every single person who might like it.


Another thing to keep in mind is communication with your fans. Reply to them, share your thoughts, and inspire them! But when your fanbase becomes really huge (which is definitely going to happen), it becomes hard to talk with them across all the platforms out there. Our staff knows how to maintain your fanbase and keep them engaged. We aim to get new fans for you while never forgetting about the old ones. Maintaining a balance here is the secret recipe for building a strong brand in the music scene.

As you can see, everything in the music industry is possible when you choose quality and trust professionals to do the job. If you need our help at any stage of your career, or if you want us to walk you through every step until you rock the stage, don't hesitate to contact us! We care about every person knocking on our doors because your success is our success.

Dream big and let The Blast! Ministry make those dreams come true!

Do you know what it takes to achieve a successful music career? Because we do! And we're here to make it happen for you!


Proper equation of a great release = a good track + dedication to improving it on all sides + professional editing of everything connected with it + great promotion. Doesn’t sound so difficult when you have good management, but sounds like a disaster if you're on your own with it...



We're aware of how many talented people are out there, but, unfortunately, they still can’t build a successful career and reach a huge number of listeners without all these contacts and advertisements. Sound familiar? If yes, then we ask you not to worry because all these goals are achievable. Trust us, you just need the right approach. We at The Blast! Ministry want to provide you with all the tools and professionals to help you at any stage of your career. Let’s get to know each other better!